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A Little Girl's Prayer

She was the apple of her mother's eye, this tow-headed little girl so full of energy and life. Before going to Sunday school every Sunday morning, meant a breakfast treat of orange juice and a special sandwich her mother made especially for her. Jesus and His love was taught to her at home as well as in the Sunday school and she always believed. Bedtime was storytime, prayers, and plenty of hugs given to a reluctant sleepy child who wanted to stay up and watch tv with mama. This little girl was given so much love by her mother in every way she knew how.

Then one day Jesus called her mother home. As she lay dying, she whispered to those around her, "Please take care of my little girl". From that day forward and for many years after, the heart-broken little girl never again felt loved. Growing up in a home where there were no more hugs or words of encouragement, only anger and jealousy. She didn't understand the meanness and abuse that surrounded her and so she started to withdraw into a shell and become very shy with low self-esteem. Remembering lessons taught by her mother, she prayed every night to Jesus, looking up at the picture of Him on her bedroom wall. Still heart broken, she accepted the fact that this is the way life is.

As the little girl got older, she dreamed of getting married to someone who would cherish and care for her and also having children of her own. She hoped this would fill the empty void that was in her heart. She had so much love to give. She visited her mother's grave often, riding on her bike, watering the flowers and sitting by her grave praying. She missed her.

Time passed and the little girl became a young woman. She got married eventhough some instinct told her to wait. Marriage was an unloved loneliness that she tried desperately to hold together. Her only comfort was her children whom she showered with love and repeatedly told them that their days will get better. After many unhappy years, the marriage ended, with more frightful days ahead. Going out in an uncaring world with children depending on her, she tried her best to make them comfortable and happy. Teaching them what her mother had taught her, they prayed together and played together.

Then one day after a hard tiring day at work, she remembered her mother's words, "Pray to Jesus". She got down on her knees and prayed like she never had before. Pouring her heart out to Jesus, she prayed for someone who would love her and her children. Someone gentle and kind, a family man. She was tired of moving and wanted a home to call her own. She had plenty of love to give and wanted someone to share the rest of her life with. Jesus answered her prayers.

Today she is happy and loved in a home she can call her own. She's got her self-esteem, brought back by encouragement and lots of love. Oh yes, don't forget the hugs. Hugs from her children are special, but from her soulmate are super special! She looks back at the pictures from her childhood school days and sees a tow-headed little girl with a bashful smile and sad eyes looking at the camera. She knows what's in her little heart and she wants so desperately to hug this little girl and say, "I love you and Jesus loves you and yes, He will answer your prayers."

By Mawood 1999