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My smart little grandson, Tyler, who loves race cars, is really getting computer savvy. The little stinker already knows the cheat keys on the keyboard and how to use the joystick in his favorite car racing games. He now has his own computer!

NOTE: I wrote the above when he was 2 or 3 years old, today he surfs the Internet to get his game cheats, prints them out, then he plays his computer games. ;-)


I turned 11 on September 2, 2009!

    Tyler's Favorite Computer Games
    These are big demo files (download at these sites) OR
    Visit their sites for purchasing info. ;-)

Viper Racing
Sierra Sports

Viper Patch

Demolition Racer

Need for Speed High Stakes
Electronic Arts

    Tyler's Favorite Kids Sites
Kids Domain

    Bowling with Tyler
    Tyler likes to play ball, and this bowling game is pretty cool. ;-)
    (uses the Shockwave plug-in)

    Play Now

    Play the Keyboard
    Tyler likes to play his keyboard too. ;-)
    (uses the Shockwave plug-in)

    Play Now


This page, like Tyler, will be growing with or without changes. ;-)

Rainbow text, Anitrain and Tyler Car by Mawood

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