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Gather about 2 lbs. of scented petals before they fall.
The fresher the better. The actual ratio of Roses to water depends on the color
and fragrance desired.
You can start with about 2 cups of rose petals firmly packed to a liter of water.

Place in an enamel saucepan or preferably earthenware pan. Cover wih cold soft water (preferably rainwater).
Bring almost to a boil.
Let cool. Strain. Be careful not to scorch.

Red Roses cause the water to turn a pale pink. Other color roses turn the water a brownish yellow muddy color.
The water will remain scented for a good two days.
Refrigerated it lasts longer.


Tear 1/8 cup of Rose Petals blending with 1/3 cup finely ground oatmeal and 4 teaspoons of honey until will mixed.
Blend in 1 teaspoon of rose water. Apply to freshly cleansed face and relax for 1/2 hours.
Remove with warm water and washcloth or mitt.

3/4 cup Rose Water
6 drops Glycerine
2/3 cups Witch Hazel

Blend and Shake

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