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Famous People who were born, are living in and have visited Alabama.

Home of Some Celebrities ;-)


Taylor Hicks

American Idol 2006!!!!!!!

Photo by American Idol
Taylor Hicks
Born in Birmingham.
Congrats!! Taylor!!

American Idol Runner-Up 2005

Photo by American Idol
Bo Bice
Born in Huntsville.
Bo has grandparents and other relatives living in Somerville. :-)
Alabama is proud of you!

Photo by Gary Cosby Jr. for The Decatur Daily
Nancy Downs, Bo Bice's mom
Very emotional watching her son perform on the big screen at a local Somerville restaurant.

Photo by Mawood
Sign in front the Somerville restaurant that was the family's official Bo Watch headquarters.
Bo will visit here in the near future.
(UPDATE) True to his word, Bo came to visit the restaurant on April 21, 2008. Only family and friends were there to greet him.

American Idol 2003!! Congratulations Ruben!

Photo by American Idol
Ruben Studdard
Ruben, who lives in Birmingham and proud of it! :-) Alabama is proud of you!

Lucas Black
Lucas who lived in Speake, prefered to live in Alabama than Hollywood when he was younger.
He has many fans from all over the world. I know this because I get email telling me how much they like him.
I had the pleasure of meeting him and he is a very nice, polite young fellow. ;-)

Photo by John Godbey for The Decatur Daily
Speake High football team
Lucas (44) is surrounded by fellow seniors (Fall of 2000)

Photo by The Decatur Daily
Lucas graduates!
His graduation class of 2001
(I blurred out his fellow classmates for their privacy)

Update on Lucas

Photo by

COLD MOUNTAIN star LUCAS BLACK replaces PAUL WALKER in the third FAST AND THE FURIOUS movie. Black teams up with rapper BOW WOW in FAST AND THE FURIOUS TOKYO DRIFT, which was shot on location in Europe and Japan. Walker, who starred in the first two Fast And The Furious movies decided not to sign up for a second sequel.
For more movie info, check out:
The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift

This I gotta see!!
I did! Lucas was really cool in this movie!
I loved the "surprise cameo" at the end! ;-)

Lucas as quoted in the Huntsville Times: "I never had the luxury of an extra set of tires to put on a vehicle like I did out there, Universal (Studios) had plenty of cars and gas and tires - it didn't matter. " reports that more than 100 cars were destroyed/wrecked during the filming of "Fast and Furious III: Tokyo Drift." "It was a fun role, that's for sure," the 23-year-old Black said. "We all had a good time. I got to sit behind the wheel of all those guy cars and race them, whenever."We had wide-open spaces and didn't have to worry about the law or cops or nothing. We were burning rubber all day." Unquote.

Photo by Gary Crosby Jr. for The Decatur Daily
George Lindsey, (Goober from the Andy Griffth Show),
passing through on his way to visit Lucas Black (5/17/2000)

Celebrity Visits
(and there are many ;-)

Kirk Cameron
Photo by Gary Crosby Jr. for The Decatur Daily
Actor Kirk Cameron speaking at Central Baptist Church and at a Meals on Wheels fund-raising prayer breakfast on being a Christian. His movie "Left Behind" is a must see. ;-)
2/4/01 and 2/05/01

Photo by John Godbey for The Decatur Daily
Country singer Pam Tillis posing for pictures and signing autographs at a local resturant. She was here promoting her album, "Thunder and Roses".

Photo by Gary Cosby Jr. for The Decatur Daily
Discovery Channel film crewmembers filming a reinactment of a solved 1988 murder for the episode of "The New Detectives". The segement was called "Silent Witness" and aired on September 2001.

Photo by David Higginbotham for The Decatur Daily
Orginal Survivor, Dirk Been speaking at Central Park Baptist Church on how fame, power and money are all fleeting.

Martin Sheen
(click on picture for larger image)

John Schneider
(click on picture for larger image)

Celebrities Born in Alabama

  • Kate Jackson, Born 10-29-48, Birmingham
  • Dean Jones, Born, 01-25-31, Decatur
  • George "Goober" Lindsey, Born, Jasper
  • Tallulah Bankhead, Born 01-30-03, Huntsville, Died 1968
  • Johnny Mack Brown, Born 09-01-04, Dothan, Died 1974
  • Courteney Cox, Born 06-15-64, Birmingham
  • Michael Biehn, Born, 07-31-56, Anniston
  • Gertrude Michael, Born 06-11-11, Talladega, Died 1964
  • Michael Rooker, Born 04-06-55, Jasper
  • Louise Fletcher, Born 07-24-34, Birmingham
  • Nat King Cole, Born 03-17-19, Montgomery, Died 1965
  • Gail Patrick, Born 06-20-11, Birmingham, Died 1980
  • Jim Nabors, "Gomer Pyle" Born 06-12-33, Sylacauga
  • Heather Whitestone, (Miss America 1995) Born 04-73, Dothan

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I've seen their airshow when they came to Alabama, take a look at the photos!


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